The Roland Garros tournament, which takes place every year in France, is one of this week’s main highlights. And exactly 25 years ago (06/06/1992), Ayrton Senna attended the women’s singles final between German Steffi Graf and Serbian (naturalized US citizen) Monica Seles.

Both tennis legends had already faced each other in the 1990 final, and the match-up was repeated in the decisive match of the French tournament in 1992. Monica walked away the winner on both occasions.

Watch a short clip of the 1992 final, when Senna appeared in the official TV broadcast:

One of Senna’s favorite hobbies was playing tennis.  Whenever he was on vacation or had a week off, the Brazilian driver liked wind down playing his friends – friends like Galvão Bueno and Reginaldo Leme (journalists), who both admit they couldn’t keep up with the three-time world champion on the tennis court.