Ayrton Senna had several hobbies off the track, and some of them were sports-related: riding jet skis, playing tennis, swimming and cycling. But the three-time champion had another hobby that many fans don’t know about: fishing.

On January 10, 1994, during his bummer vacations before starting as a Williams driver, Senna went to Candido Mota, in the São Paulo countryside, to visit a fish farm owned by businessman Ivo Guiotti.

Ivo was friends with Ayrton’s father, Mr. Milton, whom he used to sell fish to. He welcomed the Brazilian driver to his property, where they had lunch and spent an afternoon fishing and talking about a variety of subjects.

According to Ivo, the only time Ayrton mention of F1 during the whole day was when the three-time Champion asked if he could take Gerhard Berger to the farm in his next visit.

Check out the Rede Globo video with the full story. (brazilian TV)