One of the most prestigious circuits in European and worldwide motor sports, Silverstone was the track in which Senna raced the most in Formula 3. He won six out of eight races there – a fact that made the nickname given by the local press even more famous. Since his Formula Ford days, they had already taken to calling the traditional British track “Silvastone”, in allusion to the driver’s surname, Silva, by which he went at the time.

Besides winning in Silverstone at least once in each category he raced in, Senna set the circuit’s new record several times. With three wins in Formula Ford and one in Formula One, in 1988, Senna had a total of 10 triumphs on the same track.

Taking into account every official race in which the Brazilian took part, Silverstone was the place where the three-time F1 world champion won the most in his career.

Read three newspaper articles that used the “Silvastone” nickname at the time of Senna’s victories.