Ayrton Senna Institute

Whoever you are, whatever social position you have in life, the highest or the lowest, always aim for a lot of strength, a lot of determination and always do everything with a lot of love and a lot of faith in God, that one day you’ll get there. Somehow you’ll get there.

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The dream that came true in

millions of lives

The Ayrton Senna Institute is the realization of Ayrton’s desire to help children and young people in Brazil have the opportunity he had in his life. His dream was for a fairer and more equal country where everyone could develop fully, searching for their truth and reaching their full potential.
Inspired by a vision of comprehensive education, the Institute has always worked to diagnose and investigate the factors that are fundamental for the full development of students. 
Among the many essential personal characteristics mapped in recent years, Ayrton Senna Institute has incrementally deepened its research, practice, and knowledge dissemination, starting with an increased focus on the cognitive dimension.
The Institute’s goal is to incorporate the socioemotional, hybrid, and volitive dimensions as well as the skills necessary for teachers in the 21st century. More than connected to its practice, these themes have also become an integral part of what the Institute stands for as pillars of a quality education that promotes achievement and reduces inequalities.

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Ayrton Senna Institute

Social Impact

The Ayrton Senna Institute impacts thousands of children, young people, and educators in Brazil every day.

The work, which began in 1994, has reached several Brazilian states and continues to transform the lives of people who want to build their future in the present.




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